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pebbles for landscaping To make your landscaping area more beautiful pebbles play very important role. At Green Mall we have different types of pebbles & boulders like river pebbles, pea gravels, polished pebbles etc. We offer pebbles & boulders to our customer at a reasonable price. For enquiry call on - 72780 02222 Visit:-

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vertical garden pots Vertical gardens help to reduce the carbon footprint of a building by filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air, which also benefits those living nearby as the quality of the air is improved. To make this garden you need this vertical pot at a reasonable price so that you can make a very beautiful vertical garden in your budget. Call for enquiry - 033 2495 3003 /97484 73333

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artificial grass in kolkata Introducing Artificial grass for landscaping area dispenses with the utilization of unsafe pesticides, composts, herbicides and fungicides. In the meantime As Good As Grass requires no cutting, treating, reseeding or watering. Up to this point the utilization of As Good As Grass has spared a large number of litters of faucet water. Visit - Call on - 97484 73333 / 033 2495 3003

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drain cell for landscaping projects Drain cell is a structural drainage module manufactured from 100 % recycled poly proplene designed for sub-surface drainage where a high capture and discharge rate of water and high compressive strength is required. Click here for more details : Call on - 033 2495 3003 / 97484 73333

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river pebbles for landscaping River pebbles / stones function admirably as the primary material for the landscaping project (path way) just as for the spaces in the middle of pavers or as edging on either side of a way. At Green Mall We have large stock of river pebbles. See the variety of our pebbles - Call for enquiry - 97484 73333 / 72780 02222

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vertical garden pots This pot is made by high quality plastic. It is suitable for Vertical Garden & Wall Garden. At Green Mall we have a large stock of black vertical garden pots. Buy vertical garden pot from us at a low price. For more details visit - Call on - 97484 73333 / 033 2495 3003

pebbles for landscaping pebbles offer an answer for both inside and outside structures while perfectly complementing open air cultivates alongside indoor grower and the sky is the limit from there. Click here for more details - Call for enquiry - 97484 73333 / 72780 02222 / 033 2495 3003

35mm artificial grass / artificial turf 35mm artificial grass/artificial turf cover is a superior item, the surface is made of Synthetic fibres, it made to resemble a characteristic grass.This 35mm artificial grass / artificial turf is appropriate for indoor and open air use, even might be connected on the divider or different surfaces. For more details click here - Call now for enquiry - 97484 73333 / 72780 02222

drain cell for terrace garden This product was at first created to encourage including terrace garden / rooftop garden and grower boxes to building development without adding heavy aggregate as drainage. Click here for more details - Call for enquiry - 97484 73333 / 72780 02222

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vertical garden pots Vertical Garden panels pots are easy to add on sides top and bottom at any time. Can be hanged, wall mounted, can aslo be fixed on gates, compound walls, balconies. vertical wall panels and planters Light weight, durable and easy to clean The perfect gift for gardeners of all levels. Visit - Call - 033 2495 3003 / 97484 73333.