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Bushy & tall Ficus Benjamina has just arrived in #GreenMall heights up to 10 feet. These plants are ideal for creeping a screen & blocking wind !!! For more details visit -
To inspire people to go green and to live in harmony with nature, Green Mall is organising an Exhibition of Specimen trees. Hundreds of exclusive looking, grown up trees are put up at the campus of Green Mall. This 15 Acre campus is situated on Thakurpukur-Bakhrahat Road and can be reached within an hour from central Kolkata. It is for the first time such an enormous collection of “ready to transport and replant” trees are on display. The exhibition timings are 7 AM to 5 PM and there is no entry fee. This is a fantastic opportunity for collectors and farm house owners who value trees with rich and exclusive looks. Trees that are put up on show are up to 35 feet tall, having canopy up to 25 feet and girth of trunk is up to 6 feet. All the trees are sitting in pots or bags, healthy and ready to be transported and planted anywhere in India, no need to wait for years to enjoy a mature garden. This exhibition would demonstrate how tall trees can be excavated live and can be stored and transported anywhere in the country. This concept was first introduced by Sri Dinesh Rawat in 2007, the period when real estate activity was booming in the country and thousands of trees were cut regularly. He felt that he should be able to get a solution to this and met with top botanists and gardeners in USA, Australia and Thailand and obtained a systematic training in this subject. He made this technology known to all concerned by making videos and uploading on YouTube. Here is a list of few trees which you can behold - Terminalia mentalis, Cyrtostachysrenda, Adansonia digitate, Philodendron sellum, Bombax elipticum, Rhapishumilis, Pithecellobiumtortum, Ficus benjamina, Philodendron Sp. In big moss sticks, Eugenia oleina, Cycascircinalis, Hibicusrosacinensis, Opeculariadecaryi, Schizolobiumparahybum, Hyophorbelagenicaulis, Bismarckianobilis, Coperniciahospida, Elaeisguineensis and many more..
Artificial Grass 10mm, to 40mm available in wholesale, artificial turf for Rooftop terrace garden
Landscaping contractors Team Green Mall is one of the best choice for exclusive and mature gardening. We create 10 years old landscapes within l months
Gardening courses in Kolkata, A unique gardening and landscaping course which guarantees 100% job guarantee by green mall
Watering Can in Kolkata watering cans for irrigation of pot plants available in 2 litres 5 litres and 10 litres capacity
Monsoon- Ideal time for rejuvenating your garden PERFECT TIME TO REJUVENATE YOUR GARDEN Garden lovers, if you have failed in past to enjoy healthy plants, this article will assure - how not to fail again. If you want to restart the greening journey or revitalize and regenerate your poor garden, monsoon is the perfect time of the year to do so. Plants get best nourishment during this season. Most of us fail with our plants because we start planting them at a wrong time. The span of time, between mid-March and mid-June doesn't provide favorable conditions for a plant to grow well as the mercury starts rising and most of the potted plants suffers dehydration and wither out as they can't bear the heat of over 35 degrees. Plants that are grown on the ground tend to get moisture through the soil and maintain a coolness. Whereas the potted plants tend to get heated during summer as the soil within the pot, fails to retain the required moisture. Further, pots get heated as they are over the ground and the outer layer attracts heat. Heated pots under the scorching sun make plants uncomfortable and sick and quite a lot of them would not survive. Again, plantation after November is inappropriate as most of the plants can’t sustain the chill of December-January months. In winter, though some plants survive but their growth becomes slow or stagnant. So, hurry up and execute your thoughts and go green and beautify your surroundings with beautiful plants and colorful flowers. GREEN MALL, Thakurpukur-Bakhrahat Road, Samukpota, South 24 Pgs. West Bengal (10 km from Kolkata, Half km from DPS Joka)
Our latest event will be held on 10th October 2017 !!! For more details call on - 7278 00 2222 Visit-
Good News For #Garden_Lovers !! #Greenmall offers to convert your own Garden into a 10-year-old mature garden with exotic palms & trees. Own your garden now & pay in easy #Installments! For more details call on - 72780 02222 now! Visit-